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Various mods from Oblivion. Deadly Relfex + Elsweyr Deserts Music is 'Heavyweight' by Infected Mushrooms Deadly Reflex: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/fil But don’t worry because you can make it better with Deadly Reflex. This mod is a combat overhaul that introduces new moves and forces the player to be more tactical when engaging with opponents. Naturally, enemies also benefit from the improvements and will be more difficult to take down as a result. Download Link. Oblivion XP. Image If other mods interupt Deadly Reflex messages, you may need to disable Combat Moves esp, wait for the other mod to finish the messages, save and only then enable Combat Moves esp. Note: If you need to reset your keyconfiguration, OR if you change any Oblivion controls, use the Reset Hourglass added to your inventory to reset the mod. Don't forget to visit the Deadly Reflex page on TESnexus to download the fix. The link to the ESP fix is actually on the description tab, not on the file tab of the webpage. You don't have alot of mods, everything should work correctly without much effort. Good luck, and don't forget to start the game using the obse executable, not oblivion.exe.

Deadly Reflex is the perfect mod for those who are looking to improve on the combat system that runs on Oblivion out of the box.

The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been released. This patch will update your game to verison 1.1.511. Modular Oblivion Enhanced is an improved remake of the Oblivion Enhanced mod. The purpose of this mod is to enhance the Oblivion

Video made by me Kaimas 7 to show you how to use the Deadly reflex mod V6.

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty: Graphics, Beauty and Gameplay Mods for The Elder Deadly Reflex: Combat in Oblivion is certainly a cut above that of Morrowind, but mods focused in their scope will increase the odds of someone downloading  Deadly Reflex - Best Oblivion Mods For PC. Deadly Reflex is a mod that aims to add some much-needed depth and strategic layering to the combat of Oblivion.

Deadly Reflex - Combat Moves is combat enhacing mod for Oblivion, which adds new dimension, tactics and violent action to the Oblivion Combat by adding new combat moves for both the Player AND the NPC

Voici une vidéo du mod Deadly Reflex pour TES : Oblivion, dont le but est de rendre le système de combat plus dynamique en rajoutant de nouveaux mouvements utilisables par le joueur et les ennemis. Browse Deadly Reflex mod for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos, and media. Deadly Reflex 4.02 Dec 5 2007 Full Version This is an update to the Deadly Reflex mod. It is mostly bug fixes, but also contains a few tweaks to the new neck stabbing feature and other minor things Replacing Deadly Effect 6's ankleplugs.nif file with the one from Deadly Effect 4 fixes this bug.It took me hours to find this file online, so I thought I'd help some others out. The author for this mod is technically Skycaptain (in his Deadly Reflex 4 mod) The best Oblivion mods, overhauls and visual improvements give a shine to an aging RPG. Download here. Deadly Reflex adds some needed strategic depth to Oblivion's combat, adding a set of new Deadly Reflex is an Oblivion mod which will help in adding some new strategic depth to the combat of the oblivion and will also help in resisting the attack of the arsenal with the help of new manoeuvre. When you are installing this oblivion mod then you can easily dodge several incoming attacks from the opponent and also finish them if you Deadly Reflex Patch (if you use Deadly Reflex 6, READ THIS!) Deadly Reflex 6 was originally made using NifSE b:2, which was not a full release version and b:3 broke backwards-compatibility with it, ultimately leading to DR6 not being compatible with NifSE v1.0 final. If you want to use DR6, therefore, you must get the Deadly Reflex 6 — NifSE

Aug 19, 2011 Video made by me Kaimas 7 to show you how to use the Deadly reflex mod V6.

Deadly Reflex 5 Ryona-Add on this is incompatible with Deadly Reflex v6_0_beta101? Ryona is ONLY for DR5. For those who either couldn't or wouldn't install DR6, it breathed new life into DR5 and duplicated a few of DR6's features among other things. Uh, well, no it aint. Oblivion is much more of a spongey type of combat. Sometimes your attacks dont even do more than a sliver of damage on high lvl enemies no matter where you hit them or how hard and even if they are wearing like, cloth armor. Deadly Reflex crash - posted in Oblivion Mod Troubleshooting: So I recently started modding Oblivion after modding both the fallouts. I installed a bunch of mods, and for some reason when I start the game I'm in slow motion and when I try to use the deadly reflex throw button, my game crashes. I have NIfSE and OBSE all installed and fixed up up here's my load order.. Download Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Deadly Reflex Combat Mod (56.9 MB) by Skycaptain. For Free. Hello all. I just installed Deadly Reflex 6, and there is only one thing that bothers me about it. When you have a staff on your back, you can see the tip of it pop in and out of the upper left hand corner of the screen as you run. Is there a mod to eliminate this? Thanks. deadly reflex - posted in Oblivion Mod Troubleshooting: hi all, i love oblivion, and play it far too much, but tbh the combat sucks. id love to be able to get sky captains master peice, but i am unable to aquire obmm. it sates it as need in the rquirements section, but all it seems to be used for adjusting the load order. is there another program that can do this for me? or is there any way i This is an update to the Deadly Reflex mod. It is mostly bug fixes, but also contains a few tweaks to the new neck stabbing feature and other minor things. Definitely worth upgrading to.